Todd Friel using Jews to bash Gays

I was shocked to see the following post and quote from Todd Friel on the Rosh Pina Project’s blog.

I had been impressed with Todd’s willingness to tackle tough subjects for a couple of years, but I also noticed that his eschatology doesn’t quite agree with mine.  He says that eschatology isn’t important.  I couldn’t agree less. If your eschatology is wrong you will get everything wrong!  God has a plan for national Israel, but if you are Amillennial, or Preterist, you will discount God’s plan for the last days.

For those who think the Church replaces Israel in God’s plan, it leads one to Antisemitism.  This is why the Roman Catholics, and even the Nazis, were so vicious in their attacks against Jews.  Now that these false eschatologies are creeping into Evangelical circles I would not be surprised to see them accompanied by Antisemitism!  In fact we have seen it.

I also noticed that Mr. Friel mocks people who believe the Authorized Version is the best bible available in the English language.  He mocks a lot.  I think this might be the main reason I stopped listening to him.  One gets tired of having one’s views being mocked.

todd friel1

Here is a snippet from Todd’s March 22nd 2013 show on Wretched Radio.  You will find the offensive part about 6 minutes in.

[Some gay people] adjust their entire view of the world and their role within it to accomodate what has become the dominant aspect of their lives their homosexuality. And it’s true don’t we see that all the time? It sort of reminds me of Jewish people! I’m not equating the two in any way other than if you’ve ever had the experience of meeting somebody who is Jewish, there is a propensity for Jewish people to let you know that they’re Jewish. I think it’s that thing that got planted in them to keep them a nation, when they didn’t have a homeland, and they become radically liberal and silly They’re just… they’re Jewish! I’ve never seen anything that even comes close. Irish […] there’s a few of those […] you’ll find a few that are Italian, whatever nationality don’t even come close to being Jewish, it’s sort of like the Green Bay Packers. There’s other football fans. Nothing like the Green Bay Packer fans! Same thing with Jewish. Nobody is more nationalistic when it comes to heritage than Jewish people. And I see that with homosexuals. It is about being homosexual. Their agenda, their desires, their needs, their work, their relationships, it is all about their sexuality. Now I don’t know that you see that same degree of definition from heterosexuals. […] If all you are about is one thing, that is a diminished life.”

As a well known media personality, Mr. Friel needs to publicly apologize for his offensive remarks about Jews.  I for one, have met many Jews who never even mentioned their Jewishness.

Anyway, it is the God of the bible who made Israel a nation, and made them a peculiar people.  He has preserved them, just as He has preserved His word.

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