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Afsun Qureshi’s Pro-Terrorism article in the National Post

In an article in Canada’s National Post, dated August 29, 2014, “Afsun Qureshi: The Muslim prayer that might save your life”, this National Canadian newspaper is advocating surrender to thugs and terrorists!  Actually, not only surrender but even obeying them!  Obeying … Continue reading

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Reza Aslan’s Fox interview

This last Sunday I went and had a visit with my parents. My dad is losing his memory, and so conversation with him is almost non-existent. There is a little more interaction with my mother, but I have to be … Continue reading

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The Timing of the Pre-Tribulation Rapture

Before I continue on my rebuttal of the “Shock Letter’s” series against the pre-Tribulation rapture, I want to take a few moments to examine the timing of the rapture. By “rapture” I mean the time when Jesus Christ will snatch … Continue reading

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