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Afsun Qureshi’s Pro-Terrorism article in the National Post

In an article in Canada’s National Post, dated August 29, 2014, “Afsun Qureshi: The Muslim prayer that might save your life”, this National Canadian newspaper is advocating surrender to thugs and terrorists!  Actually, not only surrender but even obeying them!  Obeying … Continue reading

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Reza Aslan’s Fox interview

Disclaimer: The author intends these articles to assist the reader in understanding the End Times prophecies of the Holy Bible. There is no intention to provoke hatred towards any group, tribe, or nation. Even the family of the Antichrist deserves … Continue reading

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The Timing of the Pre-Tribulation Rapture

Before I continue on my rebuttal of the “Shock Letter’s” series against the pre-Tribulation rapture, I want to take a few moments to examine the timing of the rapture. By “rapture” I mean the time when Jesus Christ will snatch … Continue reading

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