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In Which Language was the New Testament written?

Just a quick note; There are people today who tell us that Jesus’ name really is Yeshua, or perhaps Yehushua, or Yehoshua.  There is not a shred of texual evidence for this claim.  Every New Testament manuscript is in Greek, … Continue reading

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Working trip

I am leaving today for a trip to Yurrup. This is a working trip, and I may not be able to post until I am back, Lord willing, on May 10th or so. In the mean time keep looking up! … Continue reading

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When did humans start eating meat?

I have recently been confronted with people who are telling me that Christians need to keep the Old Testament dietary laws. What they are saying is contrary to Peter’s statements of Acts 15:10, as well as many statements of Paul. … Continue reading

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A crazy week

It is hard to know what to write about, on the Saturday of the craziest week in recent memory. The Boston Marathon bombing and subsequent manhunt would be the logical place to start.  Even this morning, one of our pastors … Continue reading

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US Military more concerned with global warming than with North Korea

The US military official charged with monitoring the situation with North Korea is saying that global warming is a bigger danger than Pyonyang’s threats to nuke US interests! This, of course, leads all thinking people to ask “Where is this … Continue reading

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What was it that happened on the cross?

A couple of weeks ago I attended my first Passover Seder, which was truly a wonderful experience.  During our time of sharing the subject of Jesus words on the cross came up, you know “My God, my God, why hast … Continue reading

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Todd Friel using Jews to bash Gays

I was shocked to see the following post and quote from Todd Friel on the Rosh Pina Project’s blog. I had been impressed with Todd’s willingness to tackle tough subjects for a couple of years, but I also noticed that … Continue reading

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