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Unfriended Again

Have you ever been “unfriended” on Facebook? It seems to happen to me quite regularly. As the saying goes “I have been kicked out of better places than this!” In fact Andy Woods unfriended me, over my comments about polygamy, … Continue reading

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Thoughts on the Paris Massacre

As the world reels in shock at the events in Paris on Friday, November 13, 2015, our politicians are doubling down on their plans to import more “Syrian” refugees, and to speed up the process! To the average man-in-the-street these … Continue reading

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Deception by Evangelical and Fundamentalist Scholars

If Satan wants his false prophets to gain credibility, he has to make it look like they are making prophesies, or interpreting them, in a way that appears they are actually coming true! These prophesies have to be close enough … Continue reading

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