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The Pope’s recommendation for your reading

There is a book pope Francis wants you to read; “Lord of the World” a 1907 novel by Catholic priest, Robert Hugh Benson. Interestingly, this is a novel about the End Times, the time in which we live, and the … Continue reading

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The City of the Antichrist

A corollary to my questions from last week would be “Is there biblical evidence against the nation of the Antichrist?” Well, yes, and no! If you believe the Antichrist will come from Rome, there is only a couple of cryptic … Continue reading

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The Future of the EU

The Sun is reporting that the UK Independence Party is making surprising gains in by-elections.  This leads me to the question; Could the UK leave the EU, and could other countries follow suit? Way back in the seventies I remember … Continue reading

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The Harlot’s Daughters, Who are they?

When studying any subject there is a need to define the terms used. Without agreed upon definitions we can have a conversation where everybody smiles and shakes hands, and no one understands what the other person was talking about!  Or … Continue reading

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