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Lech Walesa says Germany and Poland should unite!

On September 24 the Telegraph from the UK reported that former president of Poland, Lech Walesa, is saying that Poland and Germany should unite. “We need to expand economic and defence co-operation and other structures to create one state from … Continue reading

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Science for the Average Dude

I was quite upset a couple weeks ago when Chris Rosebrough broadcast Dan Wallace and his Introduction to Textual Criticism. A lot of what was passed off as being “science” was actually the interpretation of Occultists, and enemies of God. … Continue reading

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The Birth of Christ

It looks like we just missed the anniversary of the birth of Christ, again. I know most Christians think He was born in December, but there is biblical evidence that Jesus was actually born in September, 3 BC! It appears … Continue reading

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Textual Criticism on Pirate Christian Radio

Having been on the night shift for the last three months, with very little company, I have been downloading and listening to programs from Pirate Christian Radio, with Chris Rosebrough, and Worldview Weekend, with Brannon Howse. For the most part … Continue reading

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Does the bible teach that the Temple in Jerusalem will be rebuilt?

Probably the hardest thing to do, for a normal human being, is to accept what the bible says at face value. The words of the bible are not difficult to understand. They were written in the common speech of the … Continue reading

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