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A Debate with a Non-Debater

Why do I blog? Well, because it seems that expending energy for one person’s benefit is often ignored, or rejected. I’d rather write for those who appreciate what the bible has to say. Having said that, probably some will not … Continue reading

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New Book Review of The Spirit of Prophecy

Today I received notification of a review being posted on Bible Prophecy – Signposts of the Times blog.  This review is mostly favorable, although there are a couple of differences of opinion.  Please see my comments at the end of … Continue reading

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Why Didn’t God Condemn Polygamy?

This week I was listening to some radio interviews by Brannon Howse of Worldview Weekend.  I find Brannon very interesting, and for the most part I agree with him.  On September 13, 2011 his guest was Dr. John C. Whitcomb … Continue reading

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