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The Roots of the Crisis

I was recently listening to a couple of Crosstalk shows with Jim Schneider interviewing Soren Kern, from Gatestone institute, on the subjects of the Islamization of Europe and the Islamization of America. These were very informative shows, and I did … Continue reading

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Brexit, June 23, 2016?

British Prime Minister David Cameron has signed an agreement with the EU, which the British people will vote on, in a Brexit referendum on June 23. “The deal delivers victory to Cameron on several key demands – changes he says … Continue reading

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Acyrologia, Repentance, and Pennance

Someone placed a humourous definition of acyrologia on Facebook, just recently, and at first I thought it quite funny, since several people in my family utilize this practise quite regularly. Upon reflection, I realized that there can be a quite … Continue reading

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