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Civil War in Syria and Iraq

In my book “The Spirit of Prophecy” I noted that Psalm 83 describes a war in which the surrounding Arab nations attack Israel.  The passage in question lists a group of tribes, familiar to readers of Scripture, though perhaps less … Continue reading

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Is Democracy the Cure?

This last weekend many of us were shocked by some of the pictures coming out of the protests in Egypt. It was only earlier this year that we watched the protests in Cairo’s Tahrir Square, where the government of Hosni … Continue reading

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The Truth about Refugees

Recently a French website refused to post Danny Ayalon’s commentary on the Palestinian refugees.  Le Post said the video was “potentially racist” and removed it from their page. Mr. Ayalon is actually telling the truth about the situation.  The Palestinian … Continue reading

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2011 Dishonest Reporting Awards

And the Most Dishonest Reporting Award goes to…The Guardian! Since WW2 (formerly Great) Britain has been on a continuous slide to backwater status. There actually was a time when Britain was Great. It was a time when they took the … Continue reading

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Christmas, Should Christians Keep It?

Here we are and it’s that time of year again. Common among Christians is the slogan “Jesus is the reason for the season” or “Let’s keep Christ in Christmas”. Most Christians believe that Christmas is the most important celebration of … Continue reading

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Our Sadducees and Pharisees

To those who took a stand for truth, and found themselves out in the cold, I have something for you from the Lord; “Hear the word of the LORD, ye that tremble at his word; Your brethren that hated you, … Continue reading

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