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“The Vaccine Edict”: RCMP Member Sent on “Unpaid Leave” Writes this Powerful Letter You Must Read

This RCMP officer has some good things to say, and some real Science! Something you will not get from the Federal, or Provincial governments, nor from Mainstream Media! Enjoy! By Corporal Richard Mehner Global Research, December 31, 2021Easton Spectator 29 December 2021Region: CanadaTheme: Media … Continue reading

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The 2019 Canadian Party Leader’s Debate

Usually I don’t comment much about local politics. Canada, while having a very large land-mass, has a very small population, some 30 million, which is close in size to some large cities around the world. We would have been invaded … Continue reading

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Thoughts on the Paris Massacre

As the world reels in shock at the events in Paris on Friday, November 13, 2015, our politicians are doubling down on their plans to import more “Syrian” refugees, and to speed up the process! To the average man-in-the-street these … Continue reading

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