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Is the Pre-Tribulation Rapture a Lie?

Being on various mailing lists, one has a variety of different teachings sent to one’s inbox, some good and some bad, and sometimes both from the same source. I was going to write about Brannon Howse’s error, saying that one … Continue reading

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Rapture? Of Whom? When?

Lately I keep on coming across website after “Christian” website that questions the pre-Tribulation rapture. It really looks like some people are making a special effort to eliminate this teaching. Rather than refute the rapture with Scripture, however, what usually … Continue reading

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The Rapture and the Garden

For the last couple of weeks my employer has put me on the midnight shift, and as a result I am living in a fog of sleep deprivation! Try as I might, I am not able to get a good … Continue reading

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The Rapture of the Church in the Old Testament

A great many professing Christians are questioning the Rapture of the Church these days, especially the Pre-Tribulation Rapture, taught by dispensationalists.  If, however, the Tribulation is about Israel, and her relationship to her God, then the rapture has something to … Continue reading

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