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Climate Hustle

As I reported in The Spirit of Prophecy, it has been the plan of globalists to use fear of global warming, or global cooling, since the 1974 release of the Club of Rome’s blueprint for a global government, “Mankind at … Continue reading

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Is Alexis Tsipras the Antichrist?

Of Lions and Beasts I was listening to one of Chris Pinto’s broadcasts the other day, and he was describing a hunting technique used by lions. It seems that often a group of lions, a pride, will split into two … Continue reading

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Climate Hustle

As I noted in my blog post “Where does Rome fit into Biblical End Times prophecy” the Club of Rome outlined a plan, way back in 1974, how they would use either global cooling, or global warming, (they weren’t sure … Continue reading

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US Military more concerned with global warming than with North Korea

The US military official charged with monitoring the situation with North Korea is saying that global warming is a bigger danger than Pyonyang’s threats to nuke US interests! This, of course, leads all thinking people to ask “Where is this … Continue reading

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