The 2019 Canadian Party Leader’s Debate

Usually I don’t comment much about local politics. Canada, while having a very large land-mass, has a very small population, some 30 million, which is close in size to some large cities around the world. We would have been invaded a long time ago if it weren’t for the fact that we are so close to the USA!

My focus is on biblical prophecy, and consequently on political and religious trends in places closer to the heart of biblical prophecy, especially Israel, and the Middle East.

The bible does, however, say that all the armies of the world will join in the attack on Israel, during the Tribulation period, and this will include both the USA and Canada. So, if we are getting closer to that event we should see trends in North America, as well as the rest of the world, which will see us moving closer to a place where it would not be beyond the realm of possibility to think that armies of distant nations, like Canada and the USA might join in an attack on the tiny nation of Israel.

This week the five major parties in the current Canadian election got together for a debate. There were no real surprises in the debate, but it actually does show the mindset of the Canadian people at this time. Represented were the Liberal party of Canada, the New Democratic party, the Green party, the Bloc Quebecois, and the People’s Party of Canada.

Justin Trudeau of the Liberal party of Canada is the incumbent prime minister, and he was the object of the attack of most of the other party leaders. No surprise there. Trudeau is famously unethical, having personally intervened in a police investigation of the SNC Lavalin company. Then he fired the Canadian Attorney General because she refused to go along with his intervention in one of her cases.

Interestingly his defense when confronted on his behaviour was to say that “jobs are more important than ethics”! He didn’t say those words exactly, but this is exactly what he meant!

Unfortunately 5 of the 6 parties represented accept the current Global Warming/Climate Change hysteria as fact, without doing their own investigations into the facts!

There are a lot of websites which have scholarly articles refuting the idea of Anthropogenic Climate Change. One of the best clearing-houses for scholarly articles is Climate Depot, run by journalist Marc Morano. This website has numerous articles, many of which are written by Climate Scientists, and Meteorologists, which show that the real Science does not support the idea that human activity is responsible for climate change.

Another excellent resource is a blog run by Meteorologist, and TV weather personality, Anthony Watts. Mr. Watts is “Green” but he does not accept the idea that human activity is causing Climate Change. There is a lot of good science to be found on this blog!

I was bothered by the statements from Elizabeth May of the Green party, and Mr. Singh from the New Democratic party, as well as the Bloc Quebecois, that there is a “climate emergency”, and that this is the single greatest threat we face today!

I am reminded of that quote from Adolf Hitler “if you repeat a lie, loud enough, and often enough, people will believe it”! Evidently most Canadian politicians are following the teachings of that infamous Nazi leader! By the way, if you believe a lie it doesn’t make it true!

Where is the debate? Where are the facts? Go and look at the websites and articles I have linked to above and below. There is plenty of evidence from real Scientists that there is no climate emergency!

The only political leader in Canada who is thinking for himself is Maxime Bernier. Not only is he not afraid to say “there is no climate emergency” he is also not afraid to say “we need sustainable immigration”!

We need to encourage skilled people to immigrate to Canada, we need people who are not afraid to work, and who are not afraid to learn English or French. We do not need people who come here and stay on welfare! Such people might vote for leftist parties, but they do not make a positive contribution to Canadian society! This is the main reason that Trudeau wants so many immigrants to come to this country; because they will vote for the Liberal party!

Jagmeet Singh, the leader of the New Democrat Party has launched a complaint against the inclusion of Maxime Bernier at the debate. Then at the debate he said “I don’t believe you deserve a platform to incite hatred…”

Talk about arrogance! Mr, Singh thinks that those who have different opinions from him don’t have a right to express their opinions!  Wow!  Mr. Singh clearly does not understand the People’s Party of Canada platform. No doubt he has not taken any time to try to understand it, because he has pre-judged Mr. Bernier. There is no way that Mr. Bernier is pushing any sort of “hate”! He is merely saying “lets sit back and examine what would truly be in the interests of Canada, and Canadians.”

That’s right Mr. Singh is prejudiced against those who hold different opinions than his own! How people can vote for a party that doesn’t understand basic economics is beyond me! The same goes against the Green Party as well. If Canadians elect these parties to the House of Commons they are asking the government to turn Canada into Nicholas Maduro’s Venezuela!

Socialists Hugo Chavez, and his successor Nicholas Maduro took the most successful South American economy and turned it into a basket case, where people have to barter haircuts for bananas just to stay alive!

Every time socialism has been tried, over the last 100 years, people always die! Even where there is not an official policy of incarcerating critics, these governments turn a blind eye to violence and theft! Sweden is Europe’s rape capital, because the Swedish police refuse to hold immigrants accountable when they break the laws of Sweden! The same thing is happening, to a lesser extent, in Britain, Holland, France and Germany! As these nations embrace Socialism they are ignoring the plight of their own citizens!

South Africa is no longer able to feed itself, because they are kicking the white farmers off their land, and those who end up with those farms are unable, or unwilling, to grow enough food for the country! South Africa is also the world’s rape capital, where 25% of the nations women can expect to be raped at some point in their lives!

This is what Socialism does to nations!

By the way, Adolf Hitler was the leader of the Nationalist Socialist German Workers Party, which was shortened to Nazi! When you include the Socialists of Russia, China, Vietnam, Cuba, and the rest of the world, the death toll from Socialism over the last century is easily 150 million dead!

Socialists consider people to be tools and property, and worthless if they think for themselves! This is not very different from the modern Green movement which considers people to be “harmful to the environment”! They consider the use of carbon-based fuels to keep warm in the winter to be an act against the environment! No doubt if the Green party of Canada ever gets the upper hand they will enact policies that will make life much worse for Canadians! Do you think Trudeau’s Carbon Tax is expensive today? Just wait until the Greens and/or the NDP take power! Forget about disposable income; you won’t have any!

It reminds me of the Georgia Guide Stones with their “ten commandments for the New Age”. The first “commandment” they have inscribed on them is “Maintain Humanity Under 500,000,000 in Perpetual Balance With Nature”! Think about it, Even when this was written, in 1980, billions of people would have to die to bring this about! Today with a world population of around 7 Billion, it means that 6 1/2 Billion people will have to die to make this a reality! These people think that they are good, but in reality they are devilish!

The last “commandment” on the Georgia Guide Stones reads Be not a cancer on the earth – leave room for nature – leave room for nature” This is particularly disturbing because they are comparing human life to a cancer! The Nazis dehumanized the Jews in order to justify their attempt to eradicate them from the planet. Now the New Age Movement is doing the same with their fellow man! Oh, but they intend to be the ones who survive to repopulate the earth!

This would be alarming if it weren’t for the fact that Jesus Christ is still the one in control. The New Age Movement will find themselves coming up against the Lord, and He will have the victory!

Is the “Green” push to curb the use of fossil fuels an attempt to reduce the population of this planet? I think it is! I think you and I are in danger from these so-called “Green” earth worshippers! Their intentions toward their fellow man are evil!

One hundred years ago, 500,000 people around the world, died every winter! Today, the number is around 20,000 death’s from exposure to the cold! That’s a 96% decrease in annual deaths from exposure! Did you know that the reason is the invention of natural gas and oil furnaces? The use of fossil fuels has saved millions of lives! Fossil fuel technology is good technology!

Can you imagine what would happen if everyone had to heat their homes with firewood, today? How long would it be until the world’s forests would be decimated? People used to have very short lives due to the lung diseases caused by breathing in wood smoke all winter, every year! The use of fossil fuels has extended the average life expectancy by decades! Do you think the Liberals/NDP/Green parties have ever looked at the life-saving benefits of fossil fuels?

I don’t think they ever have, but I do think they have a plan to make heating your home with natural gas too expensive for the average Canadian, all in the interests of “saving the planet”!

Conversely, so-called “Green Energy”, wind turbines to be precise, are the worlds number one killers of birds and bats! It is estimated that the number of birds and bats killed by wind turbines each year in the USA is around 140,000 – 550,000 birds and 600,000 bats! The solar farms in the southern USA fry birds that fly over them by the thousands!

Don’t tell me that the proponents of Green energy love the environment, they don’t care at all for wildlife! Jesus tells us that He will have to intervene personally or these people would destroy all life on earth! (see Matthew 24:21-22)

What it’s all about is power! Not electrical power but power over you, and they are willing to kill millions of animals to get it! Will they stop at animals? Not if what we have seen above is true! What will they do when they get this power over you? They will turn you into a serf, without any rights or property! If you oppose them they will do to you the same as Stalin did to those who opposed him! As many as 60,000,000 (sixty million) people were killed in the Soviet Gulags, their only crime was having a different opinion than Stalin!

Certainly it is my hope that these leftist parties won’t win this election, but even if there is a Liberal minority government, being propped up by the NDP or the Greens, it will give these parties too much power! While the Conservatives today are just another globalist party, at least they are moving more slowly towards a global government, so I would prefer a Conservative government over a government dominated by Socialist parties.

I expect that after the Rapture, the worst governments will be elected all around the world. There won’t be any Christians in those governments, and in the electorate either! That will be the time of the Great Tribulation, and the dead around the world will indeed be very close to what the authors of the Georgia Guidestones imagined, only in the end it will be Jesus of Nazareth who wins, and not the New Age!

If you are Canadian, and eligible to vote in this election, I urge you to exercise your right to vote!



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