Excellent series on Premillennial Eschatology

I have been listening to an excellent series on premillennial eschatology that goes very well with my current review of Gary DeMar’s book “Ten Popular Prophecy Myths Exposed and Answered”.

The series is by T. A. McMahon and Paul Wilkinson exposes a form of rampant anti-Semitism that is invading Evangelical Churches.  Post-millennialism, Amillennialism, and Preterism are doctrines that do not come from Scripture, but from the Roman Catholic church.  These beliefs have led to much persecution of Jews for the last 1700 years!  True believers have no business having anything to do with these philosophies, except to expose them for the frauds they are!

Check out the following links.  Download it and listen to it as you drive or walk your dog!  You will be glad you did!

T. A. McMahon and Paul Wilkinson Episode 1

T. A. McMahon and Paul Wilkinson Episode 2

T. A. McMahon and Paul Wilkinson Episode 3

T. A. McMahon and Paul Wilkinson Episode 4

At this point I have only listened to the first two episodes, and I must say that I disagree with the idea of an imminent rapture, but they are correct that the bible teaches a pre-Tribulation rapture.  There will be signs before the rapture, but that does not take away from the truth of what they are saying.

I have been impressed with the spiritual discernment exhibited by both T.A. McMahon and Dave Hunt, for many years.  This exposé of false teaching in Christian Churches is timely and desperately needed!

I recommend it highly,


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