Cyprus cash grab, a sign of things to come

I have been shocked over the last couple of weeks, as the European Union has shown its true colours in Cyprus.  When people show their trust in you, by giving you their money, there is an obligation on your part, to reward that trust with integrity.  The terms of the Cyprus bailout show the utter ethical bankruptcy of the European Union leadership.

It appears that a lot of people feel that because the depositors in the Cypriot banks are Russian they don’t deserve the respect due to bank depositors.  This appears to be the attitude of the European Union government.

The origin of the depositors money is irrelevant to the situation.  The Europeans have got themselves into a financial mess, and it is not the responsibility of Russian investors to bail them out.  Indeed, it is not the responsibility of any investor to bail out any failing government.  (If any of that money has been illegally obtained, it is not the responsibility of a foreign government to reclaim it, but the courts of the nation where crimes occurred, in this case, Russia.  Even if Europe were to go after proceeds of crime, it is a job for the courts, not the government.)

The truth is that many hard working people have had their life savings destroyed by this criminal action perpetrated by the global elites.

I predict that this is an attitude that will backfire on Europe big time.  Not only is it going to take a long time for investors to regain their confidence in Europe, or the Euro, in the mean time Europe is making some powerful enemies!

What do you think are the chances that one of these bilked investors might one day rise  to a place of power in Russia?  What are the chances that one of these investors might one day sit as president, prime-minister, or defence minister of Russia?  What are the chances that when push comes to shove, that someone with an axe to grind will have access to nuclear weapons?  I would say, rather high.

I have predicted that Europe will suffer a nuclear attack during the Gog and Magog war, and now it appears that someone in Russia will have a motive to fulfil biblical prophecy.

Satan is working on a counterfeit of the major events of the Tribulation period.  Since two chapters are dedicated to the destruction of Babylon the Harlot, this would qualify as a major event.  Satan has gone to a lot of trouble to set up Rome as a fulfilment of these two chapters.  It appears that the time of Rome’s destruction will coincide with a time that Satan is trying to make the world think is the Great Tribulation, the Gog and Magog war.

Dan Knezacek

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