Climate Hustle

As I noted in my blog post “Where does Rome fit into Biblical End Times prophecy” the Club of Rome outlined a plan, way back in 1974, how they would use either global cooling, or global warming, (they weren’t sure which, at the time) as a means to promote a global government.  I am convinced that the global government they are pushing will turn out to be the kingdom of the Antichrist.

This is why I strongly oppose the current climate fraud in the mass media.  Thinking people don’t believe in anthropogenic global warming!  Just as in the 1930s when the free world opposed Nazism, today the free world needs to oppose Climate Nazism!

The current climate hysteria is exactly a sign that they are carrying out their plan.  Not only has global warming stopped for 17 years 11 months, there is ample evidence that the earth was warmer in the past than it is today!  Hey, there really was an ice-age, and the earth was definitely colder then than it is today, and guess what?  Mankind had nothing to do with the end of the ice age!

I am so glad that there are real Climate Scientists who oppose the consensus idea, and a few brave journalists, like Mark Morano, who publish against the current, and expose the climate fraud.

Therefore I am glad to be able to present a trailer on an upcoming documentary by Mark Morano;

This documentary would be well worth a donation.  Go to its home page, and you will find a button to click on, and send them a donation.

I just had to include this scientist giving a presentation to the British Parliament.  It is full of good science… real science!  Please take the time to listen to him!

Two thumbs up!


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  1. Edgar says:

    Club of Rome is just a subset of the Comitee 300. I recommend to read the book “Comittee 300” by ex-MI6 agent John Coleman. He explains their functions and divisions a bit more.

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