Ukraine and the Eurasian Union

In 1974 the Club of Rome put forth a plan, in its book Mankind at the Turning Point, the Second Report to the Club of Rome, by Mihaljo Mesarovic and Eduard Pestel, whereby the world “should” form ten regional governments, and from there create a one-world government.  When I say “regional governments” I mean that they propose that the regions of the world should unite and form local-regional governments.

NAFTA, and the European Union are the first two of these fledgling nation-states, and while political union has not yet been achieved, this is the ultimate goal.  It may take a major catastrophe to push total political union, and I am sure this is what is planned.

The South American Union Masthead

This leaves eight other nation-states to be formed around the world.  There is already an African Union in the works (, as well as a South American Union (, and there is talk about a South Asian Union.

My attention was caught by a reference to a Eurasian Union, while reading an article about the current Ukraine crisis, on Pajamas Media.    It seems that the corrupt Yanukovych government has been attempting to drag Ukraine into this Eurasian Union, against the wishes of his people.

In spite of the fact that those opposed to the Eurasian Union have the upper hand, for now, don’t discount this idea.  If this union is the fledgling form of one of the kingdoms of one of the ten kings of Revelation 17:12, then the Eurasian Union may be down, but it is not out.

“And the ten horns which thou sawest are ten kings, which have received no kingdom as yet; but receive power as kings one hour with the beast.” Revelation 17:12

It shall be interesting to see how this works out.  Unfortunately not everyone will be on-side with these unions, and we are sure to see more bloodshed, as they form and impose their will on their respective populations.

One thing is for certain; These ten nations will form in the last days.  It is futile to combat them, and better to spend one’s energy preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ.  It is God’s will that the earth will come under these ten rulers, before the rise of the Antichrist.  The Eurasian Union will take shape, but perhaps not in the way that Putin has in mind.

Nevertheless, many of the nations named in this article are also listed in Ezekiel 38-39, such as Turkey and Iran.  It could very well be that the Eurasian Union will be instrumental in the Gog and Magog war.

Dan Knezacek

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