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Who is Lucifer in Isaiah 14?

Once again I have gotten into a controversy with regard to the Authorized Version of the bible, aka the King James Bible.  I did tackle the identity of Lucifer in Isaiah 14 here, but having reassessed my views, I think … Continue reading

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Four Versions of KJV Onlyism

I try not to post other people’s work here, because I don’t want to get the reputation of relying on other’s research.  From time to time, however, I am blown away by the work of another, and I just have … Continue reading

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Textual Criticism on Pirate Christian Radio

Having been on the night shift for the last three months, with very little company, I have been downloading and listening to programs from Pirate Christian Radio, with Chris Rosebrough, and Worldview Weekend, with Brannon Howse. For the most part … Continue reading

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