Sunni Shia split rears its head in Egypt

For years I have noted that the Psalm 83 war will not include Iran.  Persia, or Elam, (Iran) is not listed in that account.  I have also noted that the Sunni/Shia conflict appears to have something to do with separating Shiite Iran from the Sunni Arab world, in the Psalm’s war account.

Sectarianizing Foreign Policy In Egypt

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad talks to Egypt’s President Mohammed Morsi (R) after his speech during the 16th summit of the Non-Aligned Movement in Tehran, Aug. 30, 2012. (photo by REUTERS/Majid Asgaripour) Read more:

In the last few months, after the Egyptian revolution, and the election of Mohammad Morsi as president of Egypt, there have been several overtures of friendship between Morsi and president Ahmadinejad, of Iran.  In fact during Ahmadinejad’s visit to Egypt, just a few weeks ago, he was attacked by a man throwing a shoe at him.  Apparently the shoe throwing incident is related to this very same conflict.

In Islam, exposing the sole of your shoe to a person is a great insult. This explains the official photo of Obama speaking with Israeli prime minister Netanyahu in 2009.

While Mubarak was president, the Sunni/Shia conflict was merely simmering in the background.  Now that the Sunni Muslim Brotherhood has its man on the throne, the conflict is starting to heat up.

On March 14, the Huffington Post reported that there is some trouble brewing between Sunnis and Shiites in Egypt.  Now that the Sunnis have the upper hand, and Mubarak the secularist is out, there is no reason for the Sunnis to restrain their animosity toward the Shiites.

This is a situation that I would recommend following.  The newfound friendship between Egypt and Iran is only temporary.  I think we will see it grow into a divide that will see Iran stay out of the Psalm 83 war confederation, which I expect we’ll see within a decade… Probably less!

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