Is Democracy the Cure?

This last weekend many of us were shocked by some of the pictures coming out of the protests in Egypt. It was only earlier this year that we watched the protests in Cairo’s Tahrir Square, where the government of Hosni Mubarak was brought down, and left Mubarak himself facing charges.

Now we are seeing those who replaced Mubarak acting in the same way, and even worse!

As westerners we are shocked by these images.  How can supposedly “civilized” people treat others this way?  Five men beating a woman, lying on the ground, is the height of cowardice, and brutality.  I have even seen some suggest that if you participate in a protest you should expect no quarter. (see the above link and scroll down to the comments) Wow!

Egyptian soldeirs drag and beat female protester

Outnumbered: Female protester viciously beaten by Egyptian soldiers

You can see more, and also watch the video here.

The people in power, who were protesters themselves only months ago, are showing the height of hypocrisy, treating their fellow protesters this way!  This is what I find most disturbing.  One minute these people are crying “I want my rights” and the next they deny those rights to others.  Shame!

This is not something new, however.  During the twentieth century Socialism and Communism killed over 150 million people around the world.  Growing up during the Communist era it was not uncommon to see pictures, or hear reports, of people beaten and tortured in prisons in Russia and China.  The difference is that those people did it behind locked doors, and without cameras being present.

The brazen arrogance of the Egyptian military to do this in front of cameras is incredibly disturbing.  They don’t seem to care that you or I see what they are doing, in fact it almost appears that they want us to see it!  This could be characterized as state-terrorism.  By allowing us to see what they are doing to protesters, they are telling us what our fate will be if we speak out against them!

In the west there is a smug attitude of “It can’t happen here”.  This is the height of folly.  Just last week the American Congress was debating a bill that would allow indefinite detention of American citizens, suspected of ties to terror organizations, without the benefit of access to a lawyer, or even a trial!

It now appears that the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for Fiscal Year 2012, has been passed by both houses, and the Senate.  As this bill goes into effect the US President, or the military, can now detain anyone they suspect of association with terrorist groups, and can hold them indefinitely without trial!  The problem is that if you can be held without trial you have no way to prove your innocence!  They are relying on error-prone officials to determine the guilt or innocence of suspects, based on how they define terror suspects.

As Brannon Howse explains, you can be considered a terror suspect if you have missing fingers, own firearms or waterproofed ammunition, or even have a belief in biblical prophecy!  Interesting!

You can view Brannon’s page here, or listen to his radio program here.  Read about the National Defense Authorization Act here.

While the world is busy watching the chaos in the Middle East, the American government is busy quietly introducing its own brand of totalitarianism, under the radar!  While there were some voices courageously raised, and amendments proposed to protect the rights of citizens, it appears that the majority voted in favor.  While Obama may not intend to abuse these powers, the gate is now opened for someone else to do so!

Do you think we’re better than the Communists, or the Muslims?  You have another think coming!  The truth is the human heart is a very dark place. Don’t follow your heart.  Follow Jesus, He is the answer, not democracy!

The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?” Jeremiah 17:9

䘼乏⁔䥓䕚∽∲㰾但呎䌠䱏剏∽㠣㠷㠷∷㰾⁁剈䙅∽睳牯㩤⼯䩋⽖敊敲業桡ㄠ㨷∹䨾牥浥慩⁨㜱㤺㰠䄯㰾䘯乏㹔⼼但呎㰾剂ਾ䘼乏⁔䥓䕚∽∲☾ㄣ㈸吻敨㰠䘯乏㹔䈼㰾但呎匠婉㵅㈢㸢䘼乏⁔佃佌㵒⌢つ㠲㠹㸢敨牡㱴䘯乏㹔⼼但呎㰾䈯㰾但呎匠婉㵅㈢㸢㰠䘯乏㹔䤼㰾但呎匠婉㵅㈢㸢獩⼼但呎㰾䤯㰾但呎匠婉㵅㈢㸢㰠䘯乏㹔䈼㰾但呎匠婉㵅㈢㸢䘼乏⁔佃佌㵒⌢つ㠲㠹㸢敤散瑩畦㱬䘯乏㹔⼼但呎㰾䈯㰾但呎匠婉㵅㈢㸢愠潢敶愠汬㰠䘯乏㹔䤼㰾但呎匠婉㵅㈢㸢桴湩獧⼼但呎㰾䤯㰾但呎匠婉㵅㈢㸢‬湡⁤敤灳牥瑡汥⁹⼼但呎㰾㹂䘼乏⁔䥓䕚∽∲㰾但呎䌠䱏剏∽搣㈰㤸∸眾捩敫㱤䘯乏㹔⼼但呎㰾䈯㰾但呎匠婉㵅㈢㸢›桷慣湫睯椠㽴㰠䘯乏㹔 舀￿ㇿ诒ᑃ箋菼蟿蔏

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