Brigitte Gabriel Educates a “Moderate Muslim”: ‘..The Peaceful Majority Are Irrelevant..’ (Video)

The peaceful majority are irrelevant!  Bridgitte Gabriel hits the nail on the head!

The peaceful majority were irrelevant in Germany in the 1930s! It was the minority Nazis that drove the agenda, not the peaceful majority!

The peaceful majority were irrelevant in Communist Russia, and the Communists killed between 20-60 million of their own people!  What did the peaceful majority do?  Nothing!

It was the same in China!  And another 60 million Chinese were killed by their own government!  What did the “peaceful majoriy” do?  Nothing!  They just hunkered down and attempted to ride out the storm!  It’s what they always do!  They don’t get involved!

It does not matter that some 75% of Muslims are “peaceful”, when the Jihadists attack they will do nothing!

My one disagreement with Ms. Gabriel is her characterization of the peaceful majority as being “irrelevant”.  She is actually incorrect in this; The peaceful majority in any society are actually the worst element of that society!  What these people are essentially saying is “leave me alone”, and “let others fight for me”.

This is the height of selfishness!  The “peaceful majority” are actually the people that Stalin, Hitler, Mao, and every dictator in history uses to back-up their regime!  In their quest to avoid conflict, the cowardice of the “peaceful majority” is a tool that dictators use to gain and maintain power!

Edmund Burke has been quoted as saying “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil, is for good men to do nothing”.  I would have to reflect Jesus who said “there is none good, but God”, and note that those who do nothing are complicit with evil, and thus are evil themselves!

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1 Response to Brigitte Gabriel Educates a “Moderate Muslim”: ‘..The Peaceful Majority Are Irrelevant..’ (Video)

  1. ken Weimer says:

    very good. Absolute truth!

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