Travesty of Justice in Ontario, Canada

From time to time I have heard snippets of the Caledonia issue in the news, but really had no idea of what is going on in the province in which I live.  It seems the OPP has been supporting the “native” protesters in Caledonia, and persecuting those who would hold them accountable! Canadians have gone to jail for standing up to the protesters! Meanwhile “native” protesters have committed crimes and are protected by the Ontario Provincial Police!

McHale was assaulted in 2007, and the event was caught on tape.  The head of the O.P.P. Julian Fantino, first blamed McHale for being assaulted and, once charges were filed, actually wrote a character reference for the person charged with the assault!  Is this any way for the top police officer to act?

People have been kidnapped, in Ontario, and no charges have been filed!  In fact one of the victims, one Dave Brown, was thrown in jail after his release, to control his reaction to being kidnapped!  This is Canada?

For those who know a little of Canadian history they would know that the “natives” of the Six Nations Reserve are actually transplanted American natives from New York state!  They are not first nations of Canada at all!  They are descendants of immigrants just like the rest of us!  These people, and their protests, have even been supported by several Palestinian groups!  Obviously there is more going on here than meets the eye.

Please take some time and listen to Gary McHale’s story.  You will be shocked that this is happening in “democratic” Canada!

The law is applied asymetrically in Ontario, Canada!

Also check out the story on Pajamas Media.

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