The Psalm 83 confederacy in the news

It is amazing to me that the leadership on this planet seems to be compelled to work toward an exact fulfilment of prophecy. It’s almost as if they can’t help themselves!

When they use terminology that is right out of a three thousand year old book, it is startling!

This week I was shocked to see the headlines read “Is Jordan-Palestine Confederation Back on Negotiating Table?

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas welcomes King Abdullah II in Ramallah on December 6, 2012. (photo credit: Issam Rimawi/Flash90)

This same confederacy is spoken of in the opening verse of Psalm 83;

For they have consulted together with one consent: they are confederate against thee Psalms 83:5

I am convinced that this is the very same confederacy as that spoken of in the Psalm. It is not in its final form, obviously, but it is taking an embryonic form.  Notice also that this confederacy is primarily against God.  This is why all the peace negotiations in the world will not bring peace to the Middle East.  Israel, being the “apple of God’s eye” is square in the sights of the haters of God!

A lot can, and will, happen before it reaches its final form. King Abdullah, pictured above with Mahmood Abbas, may not even still be on the throne when the confederacy comes to fruition. It’s hard to say.

The psalm lists the confederacy thusly;

6 The tabernacles of Edom, and the Ishmaelites; of Moab, and the Hagarenes; 7Gebal, and Ammon, and Amalek; the Philistines with the inhabitants of Tyre; 8Assur also is joined with them: they have holpen the children of Lot.

The biblical Philistines, from whom the Palestinians get their name, were the inhabitants of Gaza, and its surrounding towns. Edom, Moab, and Ammon, are the three tribes who make up the modern nation of Jordan.

As I said, the confederacy is not quite put together just yet. The Ishmaelites are the Saudi Arabians. They are intensely interested in the current events of the Middle East, but are not yet officially a part of this confederacy.

Gebal and Tyre are cities of Lebannon. They are currently controlled by Hezbollah who are bitter enemies of the Sunnis of Saudi Arabia, and Egypt. Their grip on Lebannon is tenuous. I would not be surprised to see them lose control to a Sunni group, or be taken over by Sunnis themselves.

Amalek? Who ever heard of Amalek today? They are the Arabs of the Sinai peninsula, an Egyptian possession. Today they are smuggling weapons through tunnels into Gaza. These people will ultimately drag Egypt into this confederacy.

The Hagarenes are a puzzle to many. Hagar was Ishmael’s mother, and Abraham’s concubine. Some have speculated that since Hagar came from Egypt, that the Hagarenes might represent Egypt. The bible actually tells us where the Hagarenes used to live.

People don’t tend to move about a lot. There is usually an attachment to a certain plot of land. Even when people are taken in captivity there is the tendency for them to return, given the chance.  In this case it is the area known as the Golan heights, or the biblical land of Gilead, and I am sure there is a contingent of Hagarites, or Hagarenes who still live there.

And in the days of Saul they made war with the Hagarites, who fell by their hand: and they dwelt in their tents throughout all the east land of GileadI Chronicles 5:10

The land of Gilead (the Golan) is split today between Israel and Syria, and has been since Israel took 30% of it during the 1967 war. The Syrians have been agitating to have Assad start a war with Israel to get that land back. They think it belongs to them. Since Assad has been reluctant to risk his throne in such a venture, the Islamists have been rebelling since early last year. They will succeed before Syria joins this confederacy.

This tells us where they lived, but who were they?

And they made war with the Hagarites, with Jetur, and Nephish, and Nodab.I Chronicles 5:19

Genesis 25:15 lists Jetur and Nephish as two of the sons of Ishmael, and thus patriarchs of tribes who left the main body of Ishmaelites, after some dispute with their brothers. Nodab was likely a son of one of the other brothers, thus representing only part of a tribe.

This leaves Assur. Assur was the name of the patriarch of Assyria. This nation is known as Iraq today, specifically the northern portion. Those who follow the news will know that Iraq’s government is closely aligned with Iran. There are Sunni rebels in Iraq, however, who are presently preoccupied with the overthrow of Assad, next door in Syria. Once he is dealt with they will turn their full attention toward Iraq. The US intervention there didn’t accomplish much.

Even today, if you pay attention to the news, you will hear of regular terrorist attacks in Iraq.

These are the nations of the Psalm 83 confederacy. Iran, Turkey, Russia and Libya are conspicuous by their absence. Their turn will come later during the Gog/Magog war. Something is about to happen that will cause these nations to sit out this war. I expect this “thing” to occur in the next few years, and as yet, I am not sure what it will be. I’m open to ideas.

What will be the result of the Psalm 83 war? The Psalm is not explicit, but I think you can find the results in places like Isaiah 17:1, and 19:18, and Zechariah 11:1 & 2. In short, it will be a major loss for Islam. The world will be shocked, and Israel will have several years of peace in the aftermath. That peace will last until the armies of the Gog and Magog alliance attack, in such a magnificent war that it will be confused with Armageddon!  And that, is Satan’s plan!


(This has been a brief synopsis of sections of Chapter 4 of The Spirit of Prophecy)

Abdullah II and Mahmood Abbas

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6 Responses to The Psalm 83 confederacy in the news

  1. Very good.Thank you Dan. Maranatha, Brian.

  2. Sheryl says:

    It’s totally amazing that they use the same biblical terminology! Interesting days ahead…

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  5. Samuel Malkowski says:

    I am a student of Prophesy for forty+ years and I am in agreement with most writers, except the time period for Psalms 83. Don’t forget that when Israel returned from the Babylonian captivity the Arabs did everything they could to stop Israel from building the 2nd Temple for 19 years (516 BC) and it wasn’t until about 446 BC that they actually finished the walls of Jerusalem. The Arabs took the legal way to stop Israel through the Kings of Persia. Since 1947 there was no higher authority in the Middle East and Great Britain abandoned Israel to the Arab Armies. Since 1947 the Psalms 83 confederacy has been actively trying to defeat Israel militarily to this day and defeated every time. Now Rosh (Gog) is active in the Middle East and all his confederates are slowly joining him, Russia, Syria, Iraq, Iran and now Turkey. So the coalition at this time is slowly building into a confederacy. We can only watch and see.

    • dknezacek says:

      Hi Samuel,

      In The Spirit of Prophecy I did an analysis of who the nations are who are mentioned in Psalm 83. What surprised me is that exactly all of them are missing from the Gog/Magog prophecy, at least as far as enemies of Israel are concerned.

      Here is the thing; if Russia, Turkey, and Iran were to attack Israel today, the Arabs surrounding Israel would join in the attack, but we see these nations represented by “Sheba, Dedan, and Tarshish” actually protesting the attack! As best as I can figure it out this is because these nations will have been defeated by Israel in the Psalm 83 war, and will have sued for peace by that time.

      These nations will have benefited from the peace treaty brokered by the southern Europeans, after the Psalm 83 war, and will have no desire to attack Israel, so they merely protest the invasion “Are you come to take a spoil?”

      So, I am adamant that the Psalm 83 confederacy is a different confederacy than the Gog/Magog confederacy. The Arabs will attack first, because they have no fear of death, and Israel will be forced to use their nuclear weapons in that war. Afterward, the southern Europeans will broker a peace treaty between Israel and the Arabs, and a part of that treaty will be the giving-up of Israel’s nukes, in exchange for an iron-clad guarantee that the southern nations of Europe will come to their aid if they are ever attacked again.

      This treaty will make many in the west think that the southern European leader is the Antichrist, and it will result in the destruction of the southern European capital city; Rome!

      This is all a deception of Satan, of course, and it will lead many in the west to believe that they have been witnesses of Armageddon. That is what Satan wants them to think, because then he can bring out the Antichrist and the world will welcome him as a saviour!

      So, while I think you are correct that the current friendliness between Russia, Iran, and Turkey will ultimately lead to the Gog/Magog war, they are too smart to attack until they see Israel give up their nuclear weapons. The Psalm 83 war answers the how and why of that question.

      Thanks for writing,


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