Naming names?

I’m not a big fan of hip-hop, but I must say I appreciate the message of Shai Linne’s song “Fal$e Teacher$”.  I am so glad he names names;

You could add a lot of names to his list, names like Pope Francis, Brian McLaren, Rob Bell, Mark Driscoll, Phyllis Tickle, Todd Bentley, Robert Schuller, Billy Graham, Rick Warren, David Jeremiah, John Hagee, Ayatolla Kamenei,  Mahmood Ahmadinejad, the Dalai Lama, etc.

Actually, here is another list of false teachers, and this isn’t exhaustive either.  It seems there are more of them every day;

Neil Anderson, Reinhard Bonnke, William Branham, Paul Cain, Tony Campolo, Paul (David) Yonggi Cho, Gerald Coates, Graham Cooke, Paul Cunningham, Gene Edwards, John Hagee, Christian Harfouche, Jack Hayford, Ruth Helflin, John Hinkle, David Hogan, Jack Van Impe, Manasseh Jordan, T.B. Joshua, Bob Larson, Roberts Liardon, Lord Maitreya, Arnold Murray, Carlton Pearson, Oral Roberts, Pat Robertson, Robert Schuller, Gwen Shaw, Don Stewart, Tommy Tenney, Bruce Wilkinson

What all of these teachers are doing is fleecing the flock, and promoting other gods beside the God of the bible.   They may call him “Jesus” but he is assuredly not the Jesus of the bible!

This will get worse as we approach the end of the age.  Even your local pastor could turn out to be a false teacher.  A few years ago we found that our church, Emmanuel Baptist of Barrie, Ontario, was following Rick Warren’s Purpose Driven agenda.  Even when evangelists from Evangelism Explosion spoke at our church, we found they were promoting the Shack, by Wm. Paul Young, a wild New-Age book promoting false views of God and Jesus.

It is truly very easy to find false teachers today, but the truth is hard to find.

About dknezacek

An average, ordinary guy. Author, husband, father, pilot, aircraft builder, test pilot, machinist, artist, just ordinary stuff that lots of people do. Don't forget bible student. Dan's passion is bible study, especially including the End Times prophecies.
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