Yehovah or Yahweh?

I have come across a couple of excellent articles this week regarding the name of God and the vowel point system of the Hebrew alphabet.

The question is; Are the Hebrew vowels inspired of God? If they are, then the name of God is Yehovah, or Yehowah, and the name “Yahweh” is a late addition and an impostor!

As a child the name used in our church was Jehovah, a transliteration of the Hebrew Yehovah, but sometime in the 1980s the name Yahweh began to be used.  We were told that Yahweh is the correct pronunciation.

We were also told that the point system was a late addition to the biblical text, perhaps as late as 800-900 AD. In other words the claim was made that only the consonants of Scripture were inspired, and the vowels are in dispute.

The author, Thomas D. Ross, makes a strong case that the vowels of the Hebrew text were used as early as Moses, and were given so that there would be no ambiguity in the meaning of Scripture. I won’t go through all of the evidence here, since there is a mountain of it, but I will make note of one thing;

We were told that Jesus statement of Matthew 5:18, the jots and tittles, was a reference to the smallest consonant in Hebrew and the smallest mark in Greek.

“For verily I say unto you, Till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law, till all be fulfilled.”

That statement was made in a Fellowship Baptist church, Emmanuel Baptist of Barrie Ontario, way back in the 1980s. The preacher, however, failed to note that the New Testament had yet to be written, and so none of what Jesus was saying could apply to the New Testament Greek, except by extension. The context of the statement was the Hebrew Scriptures alone.

The “jot” is the Hebrew Yod, the smallest consonant which looks like a ‘ and is pronounced as a “Y”.  The word translated as “tittle” was the Greek word In Matthew 5:18, keraia, known as a chireq in Hebrew.  This is the smallest vowel, a single dot.

Mr. Ross has presented substantial evidence from both the bible, and extra-biblical sources, that the vowel points were used at the time of Christ, and even before.

So what Jesus was saying is that even the vowels of the Hebrew are inspired.  Therefore, since there are several places where the name of God is spelled out, as Yehowah, or Yehovah, God has preserved his name.  There is no ambiguity about it, and the modern “scholars”, who are basing their theory on dubious sources, have got it wrong!

The name Yahweh, which is now even being used in some new bible translations, is the name of a pagan god, and has no business in the bible, or being used by Christians!

Is the use of this name a part of the End Times apostasy?  Could the use of this name be something that irritates and angers the Lord?  I think so.

Do the research.  Check out the evidence and decide for yourself;

Click to access VowelPointPaper.pdf

Click to access Evidences4TheInspirationOfTheHebrewVowels.pdf

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2 Responses to Yehovah or Yahweh?

  1. Gordon says:

    It is “YAH-weh”, “YAH-uah”, “YAH-uveh”, etc. “YAH” is the crucial part of ELOHIM’s Name(s). Also, this shows up in the Hebrew common Biblical names, such as MattitYAHu, YeshaYAHu, YirmeYAHu, etc. That “yahu” at the end of their names is, indeed, “YAHu” for a specific reason, and it indicates of Whom they are named after.
    If the AMIGHTY’s Name began with “YEH”, than, it would stand to fully reason that the commoners’ names would likewise contain that “yehu” instead of the “yahu”.

    There is an equally revealing Article to support and refute what is true and false at (sic?)
    or, rather simply Google-search by Blog title:
    ‘Is the Name of the Almighty “Yehovah”?’

    • dknezacek says:

      Hi Gordon,

      Yah is a contraction of the first and last letters of Yehovah. Yah is a legitimate way to refer to God, but it is a contraction.

      Did you read the articles I linked to? You should before commenting.

      Your position is based on the modern myth that God only inspired the consonants, and left the vowels blank, subject to tradition and the whims of men.

      The Masoretes used the vowel points, as if they were already in existence long before that time. This is because they were.

      You need to read the links I posted, as well as an excellent 18th century book by John Gill;

      Click to access AntiquityoftheHebrewLanguageLettersV.pdf

      The use of “Yahweh” as a supposed name of God is serious theological error. You need to repent.


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