Protests in Turkey

In the past I have noted that the war described in Psalm 83 lists a certain group of nations, and specifically ignores others.

Essentially the nations listed in the psalm are the Sunni Muslim states that surround Israel. Muslim nations that are not a part of that war include Iran, Turkey, Libya, and Ethiopia/Sudan. These nations will participate in the Gog and Magog war several years later, along with Russia, the former states of the Soviet Union, and several other nations not listed, but probably including Pakistan, Afghanistan, and several Asian countries such as Malaysia and Indonesia.

Since Turkey has recently been supporting Hamas, and other Islamic terrorist groups, the question comes up “How is it that Turkey will not be involved in the Psalm 83 war?”

This has been a puzzle, but recent events in Turkey are beginning to shine some light on the question.

Turkish secularists protesting the abuses of Erdogan's administration

Turkish secularists protesting the abuses of Erdogan’s administration

When we first heard about the protests in Istanbul’s Taksim Gezi Park, our media told us that it was just about the park. We should have known that you can’t trust the major news media.

Police crack down hard on the protests at Gezi park

It turns out that the park was just the last straw in a long list of grievances the protesters have against the Islamist administration of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Since his election in 2003, ostensibly as a unifying voice, he has moved to Islamize the country, suppress dissent, and free speech.

Now we are finally seeing a true “Arab Spring” in a non-Arab Muslim country.

The evidence is that the unrest in Turkey will result in that nation distancing itself from the Sunni Muslim nations, and sitting out the Psalm 83 war.

The big picture? The world is moving toward exact fulfilment of God’s End Times prophecies, found in the Holy Bible. In fact the unbelieving world cannot help itself but to move toward fulfilling God’s biblical prophecies, all the while denying that the bible is true!

Even the unbelieving United States is playing a role in this fiasco! Since taking power, the administration of B. Hussein Obama is arming those very same Sunni Muslim nations that surround Israel! While denying that these nations pose any sort of threat to Israel, or world peace, they are sending fighter jets to Egypt, and are now arming the rebels in Syria!

Yes, the USA does have a role to play in the bible’s End Times prophecies, and it does not appear to be a good one!  The role of arming God’s enemies!

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