China and India Opting Out of Iran Sanctions


According to a Debka report from January 23, India has signed a deal with Iran to buy Iranian oil using gold instead of dollars. China is set to follow suit.


These two countries are thus opting out of the US led embargo against Iran, intended to stall Iran’s nuclear program. Turkey is also refusing to go along with the embargo. Russia is also quietly in talks with Tehran, to pay for oil in currencies other than the US dollar.


India and China account for 40% of Iran’s oil exports of 2.5 million barrels per day.


Now, it doesn’t take a stock analyst to figure out that this type of deal will have an effect on the value of both gold, and the dollar. Gold will go up, and the dollar will slump.


It doesn’t take a military analyst, either, to figure out that sooner or later something’s going to give. Iran is working feverishly toward producing their own nuclear weapons, with the stated intent to use them. They have learned well, from Libya’s experience, that countries without WMDs get attacked.


This week the EU voted for sanctions against Iran beginning on July 1, and the US has imposed sanctions against Iran’s third largest bank. Why July, and why the third largest bank, is the mind-boggling question. Why not the Iranian central bank? It appears the leadership of the west has traded sanity for lunacy! Our leaders are a bunch of Neville Chamberlain clones! Following such failed policies is guaranteed to lead us into war!


Sanctions have a checkered past, as for effectiveness against dictators, and putting them off for six months, and then not making them complete, is a sign of weakness that the Iranians can’t escape noticing.


It is very clear that the west is not serious in their support of Israel. Either that or they are trying to encourage a Middle East war.


All this is playing into the bible’s End Times scenario. There will be wars in the Middle East. They are unavoidable. These wars are serving to align the nations into the two camps described in the Psalm 83 and Ezekiel 38-39 passages. These two major End Times invasions of Israel are looming on the horizon.


For more information on these wars, and their timing, read The Spirit of Prophecy, by Dan Knezacek.


China and India opting out of Iran Sanctions

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