China and Russia Veto UN Vote

The Russian and Chinese veto of Saturday February 5, 2011, of an Arab League motion to support the ouster of Assad in Syria, should come as no surprise to anyone familiar with recent world events.

The bluster coming from the Obama administration shows that either they don’t understand global politics, or they knew the Russian and Chinese reaction would play out as it has, and are using it for their own purposes.

While the clear intention of the founders of the UN was that it would not interfere with member states internal affairs, recent events show a tendency for many to want to make the UN a global police force.  Before supporting such an idea we should ask ourselves if the nations of the world might have a tendency to support tyranny, and dictatorship over freedom and individual rights.  Russia and China’s veto is in keeping with the original UN charter, but I don’t think their motives are altogether altruistic.

This is not actually what is going on in the case of Syria, since tyranny is practised by both sides in this conflict. While China and Russia have a strategic ally in Assad, and it is in their national interest to support him, the American opposition to him has less to do with his butchering his own people, and more to do with appearances. They wanted to appear to be doing something about Assad, without actually doing anything.

By supporting the UN resolution against Assad, the American people are led to believe “they actually are doing something”, however they knew it would be vetoed long before it was put forward!

The majority of the population of Syria are actually Sunni Muslims, as opposed to the ruling Alawite minority, who are Shia. Ultimately, I believe Assad will go, and be replaced by a Sunni administration. The Americans will crow about how they are bringing democracy to the Middle east, and Assad will be replaced by an administration that will actually be worse.

As in all cases where the Americans meddle in other nations’ internal affairs, they actually make the situation worse! In this case, the removal of Assad will result in an alignment of Arab nations which will facilitate the next invasion of Israel by her neighbors!

This invasion was prophesied by Asaph in Psalm 83. The consequences of the invasion are not found in that psalm, but can be found by carefully surveying other scriptures regarding the same nations, and the same conflict. As I stated in chapter 4 of The Spirit of Prophecy, the evidence is that this war will result in the nuclear destruction of several Arab entities, including Damascus, Lebanon, Cairo, and others. I would expect similar fates await cities like Riyadh, and Baghdad, as well as the capitals of any and all participating nations, with the possible exception of Amman, Jordan. Israel has a tendency to show kindness to their closest relatives among the Arabs, which is understandable, but could turn out to be a fatal mistake!

I can’t tell you when this particular invasion will take place, I only know it is close.  Still, with more talking, and attempts to find a diplomatic solution, it could be a decade away or longer, but I doubt it.

While others wring their hands at the insanity of our leaders, we need to look to the bible for our answers. These wars cannot be stopped, but those who trust in Christ don’t need to fear. To those of us who are trusting Jesus to take care of our sin problem, the events in the Middle East are fascinating, as we watch the prophecies of our ancient book come to life before our eyes!

Dan Knezacek is the author of The Spirit of Prophecy

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